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Redefine yourself!

Re·de·fine: to define again or differently.

I recently made a conscious decision that I get to choose how I show up in the world!

No one can define me because I have redefined myself! How you feel about yourself and what you believe to be true concerning you, is evident by the choices and decisions that you make, as well as in the things that you accept and allow. If you believe yourself to be successful, it will be evident in your activities and routines. If you think negatively or not very highly of yourself, it will show up in your daily activities and routines as well. You do not have to allow anyone to write your story for you. Nor do you have to accept or be held to the norms of those around you. You choose how you show up in the world. Never allow your past mistakes or failures, situations or circumstances define you. Everyone has the right to live, grow, learn & evolve. Who are you? You answer that question in the way that you treat yourself. What do you expect, desire or deserve? Reinventing yourself is not always easy. But I challenge you to push yourself! Be bold, be courageous, be daring! Paint beautiful pictures on your life‘s canvas! You are an original work of art. Give the world something beautiful to see!

Valarie La'Nail

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