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Let the Journey begin!

Losing weight & keeping it off does not have to be as hard as it seems.

My theory is that it does not have to be difficult at all! Simply eat less! In times of weakness, remember your why!

My weight loss journey has now begun! Here is my plan of action, perhaps these tips will be beneficial for you as well.

1st & foremost, change the way you think about mealtime. A meal does not have to consist of a meat, a starch & a veggie. It can be something small that gets you full & a beverage. Eliminate items where you can.

2ndly, tracking your calorie intake is good & helps you with staying within your calorie limit, however counting the calories of the food you deny yourself can be very beneficial as well. It encourages you, it motivates you & inspires you to make even more wise choices when it come to choosing your food. Always acknowledge your progress & pat yourself on the back.

Lastly, daily exercise is very important for weight loss as well as for keeping the body healthy & active. However, daily exercise does not have to be a rigorous routine, just get active!

Here are a few examples: Turn that 10 min dog walk, into a 15 min walk 2x a day & add 30 mins of low-impact cardio. Choose a less convenient parking space near the end of the parking lot when running errands to the store. Do menial household activities like getting a drink of water or taking the clothes out of the dryer yourself, instead of asking your kids to do it for you.

Losing weight & keeping it off does not have to be hard. I believe that the key to success is finding a process that works best for you. I am not an expert whatsoever, however, these are the changes that I plan to implement concerning my diet & I hope you'll find them useful as well. I will post my progress & I welcome hearing from you concerning your journey as well.

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