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Being made whole!

The woman with the issue of blood came to Jesus broken, empty & in despair. Her faith in Jesus, being the one who could fix her situation, heal her body, replenish & repair what she had lost, caused her to be made whole. Jesus said to her, your faith has made you whole, go in peace! She humbled herself & took her problems & her issues to Jesus, knowing that He alone could heal her. She tried everything & everyone else, but remained empty until she tapped into the source. Some of you are frustrated with your spouse or your job because they don’t bring you happiness or fulfillment, but they are not your source...God is! Tap into the source! Humble yourself & lay you issues before Him, all of them. the hurtful ones, the secret ones & allow Him to make you whole. So that you can have all & be all that God has called you to be!

Being made whole does not mean that you’re perfect. It means that you have come to the understanding knowledge that God is the source of your fulfillment. You will continue to have needs, but how you fulfill those needs determines your wholeness. Submitting those needs, wants, desires, frustrations, feelings of emptiness, loneliness, hurt, pain & sorrows of your past. Those feeling of rejection, abandonment, disappointment or despair. Coming to an understanding that God is your source & allowing Him to fill you with His Goodness & with his love! With His peace, joy & understanding. Some seek fulfillment in people or in things, but those things will continue to leave you empty & you repeat the cycle over & over again. New guy, same story; new job, same situation. Allow God to fill you up. He said that He would that we prosper & be in good health even as our soul prosper. Allow God to heal your heart, your mind, your desires & emotions. Don’t fall for the okie dokie from those promising to be your hero. Allow God to heal you & you can be your own hero & a hero to others as you walk in your God giving purpose, living a happy vibrant life & walking strong, boldly & proud!

Valarie La'Nail

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