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Greatness Within!

You have what you need, to be all that God created you to be!
Become healthy, happy & whole, by healing your
spirit, body & soul!



My name is Valarie La'Nail Jordan. I am a Certified Christian Life Coach. It has been my passion to see others Win. Each of us have been equipped with a unique set of gifts, talents and ideas that must be cultivated and put to use. It is my purpose to help individuals identify their life's assignment, eliminate their barriers to success and take steps toward achieving their goals.

It is time unlock the best version of you, become  the person that you desire to be & live the life that you desire to live! You too can walk in purpose! Destiny is calling! It's time to discover the Greatness Within! I am here to help!


Beautifully be·com·ing: 


  1. the process of coming to be something or of passing into a state.


  1.  flattering a person's appearance. "what a becoming dress!"

    Similar: flattering, fetching, attractive, lovely, pretty, handsome, stylish


Life is a journey! Along this journey we live, we learn & we grow!

Don't get stuck in an old way of living or thinking. Be open to new refreshing thoughts, ideas & experiences. Give yourself permission to release whatever is holding you back & embrace the fortitude to become who you truly desire to be. You have what it takes to be all that God created you to be! You were built for it!. The Blessing is not only in achieving your goals, but it is also in the person that you become along the way.

I would love the opportunity to partner with you on this journey. My job as your passion igniter, strategy partner, faith coach, cheerleader & accountability partner is to inspire, motivate, encourage & support you, as we go in full pursuit of purpose! Your job is to take the 1st step!   


The quality of your future depends on the decisions that you make today. Mediocracy is not enough, you were built for greatness & you have what it takes.  A better life is waiting for you!  It is time to unlock the Greatness Within! Let's  get started!